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Details Coastal-Gardening-in-the-Pacific-Northwest-From-Northern-California-to-British-Columbia

Coastal Gardening in the Pacific Northwest Coastal Gardening. It has challenges that no other type of gardening can boast: Salt, wind, and sand to name a few. This book combines necessary information about Pacific Northwest coastal gardening and ...

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Details Missouri-Gardeners-Companion-An-Insiders-Guide-to-Gardening-in-the-Show-Me-State-Gardening-Companion-Series

The Missouri Gardener's Companion Master gardener Becky Homan explains in clear, user-friendly terms the different gardening conditions in each part of Missouri, so readers can identify which of the widely varying soils, temperature zones, and ...

25,73 EUR*
Details Gardening-with-Prairie-Plants-How-to-Create-Beautiful-Native-Landscapes

Gardening with Prairie Plants A practical, comprehensive and packed with information guide and resource for prairie gardening. Award-winning gardening author and landscape designer Wasowski provides all the info on how to get started. 241 photos. 335 ...

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Details Gardening-in-Malaya

First published in 1926 this historical gardening book is a detailed study of gardening in this former british colony. In its complete and unabridged original form, containing information on once rare and exotic but now more readily available plants ...

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Details The-Practical-Gardening-Encyclopedia-A-Step-by-Step-Guide-to-Achieving-Gardening-Success-Shown-in-950-Photographs

This is a step-by-step guide to achieving gardening success, shown in 950 photographs. It covers all the basics such as digging, soil, compost, planting, sowing, watering, weeding, pruning, propagation and harvesting. It shows you how to create and ...

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Details Landscape-gardening-Asla-Centennial-Reprint-Series

Landscape-gardening First published in 1920, this book presents Simonds's carefully conceived and still timely ideas about an approach to landscaping and gardening in which nature is both partner and model. Full description

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Details Ravensburger-Gardening-World-Spring-1000-Pieces

Ravensburger Gardening World Spring (1000 Pieces) - Teileanzahl: 1.000 - Puzzlefläche: 70 x 50 cm - Künstler: Trevor Mitchell

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Details Aquaponics-2-1-Book-Set-First-Editions-An-Introduction-To-Aquaculture-An-Introduction-To-Aquaponic-Gardening-Gardening-Sets

Learn All About Aquaponics With This 2-in-1 Book Set! Purchase your copy of "The Aquaponics 2 in 1 Book Set" today - Don't Wait to Start Your Adventure! What is Aquaculture? What is Aquaponic Gardening? Is it expensive to get started? Book 1 ...