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Details Cambridge-Dictionary-of-Astronomy

Cambridge Dictionary of Astronomy Handy and invaluable reference book for anyone involved with astronomy, either professionally or as a leisure interest. Full description

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Details Out-of-Egypt

Out of Egypt Now in its fifth printing, an invaluable support for women struggling with their sexual identity...and those who want to help. Full description

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Details Faster-Road-Racing-5K-to-Half-Marathon

5K to Half MarathonBroschiertes BuchAn invaluable guide to running the most popular road distances from 5K to half marathon.

16,66 EUR*
Details The-Japanese-Mind-Understanding-Contemporary-Japanese-Culture

The Japanese Mind Offers Westerners an invaluable key to the unique aspects of Japanese culture Full description

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Details Laser-4085-4085-Abziehwerkzeug-fr-Antriebszahnriemen

This invaluable tool clamps onto any ribbed pulley and extracts it from the drive wheel. Suitable for use on crankshafts, alternators, air conditioning units and water pumps.

33,95 EUR*
Details Bioanalytical-Chemistry-2Nd-Edition

Interdisciplinary knowledge is becoming increasingly important to the modern scientist. This invaluable textbook covers bioanalytical chemistry (mainly the analysis of proteins and DNA) and explains everything for the non-biologist. Electrophoresis ...

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Details Organizing-Scientific-Meetings

Dealing with virtually all aspects of scientific meetings, August Epple gives invaluable guidance for prospective organizers. He covers events from local afternoon Symposia to International Congresses with more than 1000 participants. He also provides ...

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Details Statistical-Mechanics

Statistical Mechanics, 3e, is an indispensable tool for postgraduate students of science and engineering. Since the first edition published in 1972, Raj Pathria has provided an invaluable resource for the study of physical properties on the basis of ...

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Details Sing-Learn-Phonics

Great for beginning readers! This invaluable learning kit includes a reproducible lyrics/resource book along with an audio CD. The 13 original songs, each teaching different letter sounds, are accompanied by reproducible lessons and exercises allowing ...

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Details An-Introduction-to-Molecular-Biology

An Introduction to Molecular Biology This book explains molecular biology concepts clearly and in practical terms. It represents an invaluable introduction to molecular biology for undergraduates, postgraduates, researchers, lecturers, medics, nurses ...

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Details The-Rolex-Story

The "brand with the crown" is recognised world-wide as an invaluable sports implement and luxury product. This book traces the manufacturer's development from the 1920s, when it began its steady rise to unprecedented international appeal, to the ...

131,99 EUR*
Details The-Natural-History-of-Canterbury

The Natural History Canterbury With more than 40 scientists and academics contributing to this reference, this invaluable, accessible, and well-illustrated guide provides comprehensive, up-to-date knowledge of Canterbury's flora, fauna, and ...

38,09 EUR*
Details Trade-Profiles-2014

Trade Profiles provides a country-by-country breakdown of trade flows and trade policy measures for WTO members and countries seeking to join the WTO. With information provided in a standardized format for each country, this publication is an invaluabl

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Details New-Fashion-Designers-Sketchbooks

New Fashion Designers' Sketchbooks An invaluable resource for fashion students, teachers and designers, this book looks at research sketchbooks and the role they play in the research and design process. This book demonstrates how ideas are constructed ...

22,92 EUR*
Details Snorkeling-Florida-50-Excellent-Sites

Snorkeling Florida Avid snorkelers, families, and novices will find this guide to Florida snorkeling invaluable. Snorkeling Florida identifies fifty great snorkeling sites from the Panhandle to the Keys. The best public sites throughout the state are ...

40,73 EUR*
Details Management-Essentials-for-Doctors

Management skills and a sound knowledge of the NHS are mandatory for consultant and general practice careers. Management Essentials for Doctors is an invaluable resource for trainee doctors, hospital consultants and general practitioners, as well as a ...

15,95 EUR*
Details Pigeon-Keeping-for-Amateurs

This vintage book contains a comprehensive guide to pigeon-keeping, with information on housing, feeding, selection, breeding, different varieties, and much more. Easy-to-digest and full of invaluable information and handy tips, this volume is ideal ...

16,50 EUR*
Details IVF-An-Emotional-Companion

IVF: An Emotional Companion is an invaluable, personal support, based on women's first hand experiences, for anyone struggling to conceive. Sharing the real life stories of 20 women who have worked their way through fertility and conception problems ...

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Details Gender-in-Translation-Translation-Studies

Gender in Translation This is the first full-length study of the feminist issues surrounding translation studies. Students and teachers of translation studies, linguistics, gender and women's studies will find this work invaluable and thought ...

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Details Culture-and-Politics-in-the-Information-Age-Transnationalism

Culture and Politics in the Information Age This book will be invaluable reading for students in areas including Politics, Communications and IT, Sociology and Cultural Studies.

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Details The-J-Hillis-Miller-Reader

This anthology exhibits the diversity, inventiveness, and intellectual energy of the writings of J. Hillis Miller, the most significant North American literary critic of the twentieth century. From the 1950s onward, Miller has made invaluable ...

102,95 EUR*
Details Scheuers-Liver-Biopsy-Interpretation

For over 40 years Scheuer's Liver Biopsy Interpretation has been an invaluable resource for the pathologist in practice and in training in helping to solve diagnostic problems at the microscope. Lavishly illustrated in full color throughout it covers ...

12,24 EUR*
Details Guerrilla-Warfare-The-Authorised-Edition

Guerrilla Warfare: The Authorised Edition The definitive, authorised version of Che's manifesto on revolution, including his final revisions, completed just before his death. It is both an incisive handbook and an invaluable historical source. Full ...

36,39 EUR*
Details The-Discourse-of-Advertising-Interface-London-England

This edition addresses contemporary advertising in the context of current changes in communication. It is a comprehensive and invaluable reference guide to all aspects of the language of advertising.

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Details Personal-Security-wURL

Executive's Guide to Personal Security Written by two security experts, Executive's Guide to Personal Security provides an invaluable source of information for those most at risk. This book will allow the reader to make the right decisions in regard ...

45,24 EUR*
Details Country-Pastimes-For-Boys

This vintage book is a detailed guide to various country pursuits suited to young boys, including bird watching, fishing, rambling, swimming, and much more. With a wealth of invaluable information and helpful advice, this timeless volume will still be ...

6,35 EUR*
Details Science-Letts-Gcse-Success

This student workbook supports the GCSE Science Success Revision Guide from Letts. It is packed with questions to test your understanding of all the key topics and includes GCSE-style questions to provide invaluable exam practice. Three types of ...

32,90 EUR*

In Defence of Animals In Singer's book, the idea of the animal rights movement is set in the context of scientific knowledge, philosophy, and ethics. This highly readable account gives an invaluable introduction to modern thought on animal rights ...

88,94 EUR*
Details Business-Policies-and-Procedures-Sampler

If you need to develop policies and procedures for numerous areas of your business, then Business Policies and Procedures Sampler is an invaluable tool. This manual includes more than 100 procedures covering functional areas such as accounting ...